flyRen Moldova was established in 2015 to take on the challenge of the Moldovan government to reduce the country’s dependence on others for its energy. In 2018, flyRen constructed and now operates the country’s largest solar park currently in operation.

In 2015, flyRen took on the challenge of the Moldovan government to reduce the country’s energy dependence. In 2018, we installed and now manage the country’s largest photovoltaic plant and have a development portfolio for roughly 50 MWp.

Today the first emergency response center in Europe powered 100% from  #renewable sources was inaugurated in Chisnau, Moldova. flyRen energy! the culture of clean energy.  #climatechange #energy #sustainability #renewableenergy  #solarenergy

-- Moldpres 11.02.2020

flyRen Energy srl is now the leader in Moldova as both a developer and an independent power producer (IPP), focusing the organization’s efforts on producing solar energy and placing increasing emphasis on other renewable technologies, such as hydroelectric and biomass power.
Based in the Moldovan capital of Chișinău, our top-flight team is working hard towards the country’s renewable future.

flyRen Moldova is also partnering with the government in the nation’s environment policies and has entered into a close alliance with the Science Academy to develop and disseminate a culture of renewable energy and related skills among young students in the country.

A flyRen partner in Moldova is Consulcesi Tech (, a leader in blockchain and cybersecurity.

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