Operations in Italy began in 2007. Greenfield Development, EPC, Asset Management and O&M. The offering in Italy covers a wide range of competencies in the field of renewable energy: 197 MWp installed; 30 MWp managed; 400 MWp of grid parity development.

A track record of success

> 197 MWp of greenfield development authorized and built in Italy for in-house ownership or for instititional investors.

First success in 2008 in a partnership with Fotowatio Renewable Ventures to develop
9.8 MWp photovoltaic plant in Fiumicino, in the Lazio region.

By 2017, an extensive pipeline of plants completed the authorization process: 83 MWp in Lazio and 53 MWp in northern Italy, including 23 MWp in Piedmont and 30 MWp in other regions (mainly Veneto and Lombardy).

Over 450 MWp in the development pipeline , with technical and financial partners. In 2018, flyRen became one of the leading players in the development of grid-parity renewable assets in Italy by taking advantage of our in-house technical capabilities and our network of experts with whom we have been actively and successfully collaborating for a decade.

7 MWp of grid parity authorized in Piedmont in 2017, the first in the region

> 11 MWp  owned in northern Italy

In Piedmont, four 800 kWp plants with the participation
of Italian municipalities for sustainable growth that reflects the needs
of the community

flyRen acts as an independent power producer (IPP), selling renewable energy successfully produced by 14 plants in northern Italy.

During the same year, we began construction in Piedmont of four 800 kWp plants managed under an agreement with the local governments within the scope of the Energie Comuni project.

Energie Comuni formalized the intentions of some 160 Italian municipalities before it was blocked by Italy’s parliament, thereby inexplicably preventing the benefits to the communities of the planned renewable plants.


> Asset Management for 30 MWp

Over the course of three years of asset management operations, companies of the flyRen group now manage some 30 MWp of plants of various sizes, from a minimum of 200 kWp to a maximum of 2.5 MWp.

The plants are subject to analyses and inspections, and their technical and financial management is conducted in line with applicable laws and regulations.

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