United Kingdom

Sustainable Growth is the credo that unites the return on investment that all investors seek with the ability to pursue that return successfully without negatively impacting the world in which we live.

In the United Kingdom, flyRen group operates under the ottoRen LLP brand acting as an advisor to international funds, family offices, and stakeholders generally within the field of renewable energy for acquisitions on the secondary market in Europe.


ottoRen and flyRen ltd act as the financial mind and the life force of the group by creating opportunities for investors in various countries to achieve significant, stable and, above all, sustainable financial returns by bringing together the development of renewable energy and the reduction of polluting emissions by generating clean, renewable energy with a dominant financial interest.

The ability to find the financial resources that make it possible to pursue the objectives set makes the UK arm the glue that holds the entire international group together.

Creating value for all stakeholders, and not just for investors, without doing harm is the credo for the entire group, and UK operations are like motor oil enabling the entire engine to run smoothly, thereby generating power, value and wealth in all areas of investment.

ottoRen LLP

24 Victoria road
W8 5RG London (UK)